Perennials for Sale
Exquisite Available Groundcovers for your Garden:

Phlox (Phlox subulata 'Purple Beauty') Zone 2-9, Max Height 4 in. Max width 10 in.
Purple Beauty is a gem in the spring garden with gorgeous, bright purple blooms that are sweetly fragrant. This Creeping Phlox is drought-tolerant and deer-resistant, making it very versatile in the sunny garden. It quickly spreads 12 to 18 inches over rocky soil and slopes! Bloom time: From Mid to Late Spring.

Lambs Ears (Stachys byzantina) Zones: 4-8, Max Height 15 in. Max width 12 in.
This perennial forms a nice rosette with long, elegant leaves in all directions. Deer and rabbits leave it alone, and it thrives in dry, shallow, and rocky soils. Often used as a carpet beneath other plants in the perennial or shrub border. It does a good job covering ground nicely, and where it is perfectly content, it can spread over time. It makes a good edging for paths, because the foliage is soft and very touchable. In moderate and warm climates it may be evergreen. Plants are  12 in to 15 in tall and 12 in wide.   

Blue Periwinkle (Vinca minor) Zone: 3-9, Max Height 6 in. Max width 36 in.
Also known as Myrtle. This is probably the most popular evergreen groundcover, forming a dense mat of glossy dark green leaves, studded with bright blue flowers in spring. Very shade tolerant, the leaves will sometimes scorch in too much sun. Tolerates dry shade once plants are established. Stems root into the ground readily, and the new plants that form may be easily moved to a new location in spring or early fall. Mowing the patch low after blooming every couple of years will help to keep it thick and weed resistant. Plant 4 to 10 plants per square yard. Sun Exposure: Partial Shade or Full Shade Plant Uses & Characteristics: Good Texture/Form, Alpine & Rock, Attracts Butterflies, Drought Tolerant

  1. Phlox (Phlox subulata 'Purple Beauty')
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